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Business Pitch Competition

Graduate and Undergraduate students of all majors are encouraged to apply for a spot in our annual business pitch competition!  Finalists will participate in a series of workshops to hone their business pitch before the big event.

 Prizes include:
$5,000 Grand Prize
$3,000 Second Place
$2,000 Third Place


Rules and Regulations:

  • Teams must be 2-5 active members. 
  • Presentations should target 10 minutes in length, with a 5 minute Q&A. 
  • All teams must include at least one currently-enrolled SCU student. 
  • Proposed business should be fundable.
  • Proposed business plan/pitch should not be in violation of any IP rights.

Criteria for Scoring:

  • Quality of the product(s), service(s), and/or solution(s)
  • Market opportunities and competition
  • Is the business fundable?
  • Overall attractiveness of the venture
  • Quality of the pitch/presentation