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Ready, Set, Launch!

Think you know your way around campus?

We invite members of the Santa Clara University community to compete in a live-hosted virtual escape room, where your knowledge of SCU could earn you recognition among your peers and put you on Ciocca Center's website at the top of the Leaderboard!  

Just imagine...

Oh, come on! The train screeches to a stop and you burst out. You’ve never been late in your life, so naturally today was the day it happened. The tour of the Ciocca Center and Museum for Future Thinkers is now, and you’re late?! 
You hustle through the train station doors and race to the tour rendezvous point. Of course, no one is there! Why should they be? You’re the one who’s late, after all. Well, the door has been left hanging wide open against the outside wall of this building. You take a deep breath and step inside...
  • Participants must be part of the Santa Clara University community, which includes SCU students, staff, faculty, and alumni.
  • The minimum number of players on a team will be three. 
  • Ciocca Center will form teams, if you do not have a group of at least three. 
  • Games will be played online and asynchronously using the Paruzal Games Zoom platform.
  • Your team will have a single score based on time, which includes the 1) total minutes taken to complete the game, 2) the number of hints taken which will increase your time, and 3) the number of approved Easter eggs you identify that will decrease your time.
  • The team with the lowest cumulative time score wins.
  • The virtual escape room experience will run for 75 minutes, including the instructions given to the team. Teams that don’t finish the game will be assigned a time of 80 minutes.
  • Teams will also be scored on the number of Easter eggs they identify. Easter eggs are scattered throughout the game and may be visual, oral, written, multimedia, words, phrases or objects that reference or represent facts, trivia or people associated with Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurhsip and Santa Clara University. The host will have a list of Easter eggs that have been approved by Ciocca Center, and these are the only ones that will count toward a team's total. 
  • In the event of a tie, the team that has the most Easter eggs wins.
  • The winning team will receive recognition by Ciocca Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship via social media and on its website.



Final Ranking Team Name Final Time Easter Eggs
1 Goaldiggers 54:48 22
2 The Vivacious Broncos 61:14 24
3 Team Fun 61:36 
4 UIF  62:32 
5 Beaming Broncos  63:08  23 
6 UMC Locksmiths  64:24  15 
7 Ciocca Center  65:07  11 
8 The S-Capers 68:03 25
9 Ardent Adventurers  68:32  11 
10 Play Hard  68:52  4  


And the fastest team is...


Think you can escape faster? Email for your chance to play!