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Bodey, Hallie

Hallie Bodey
Program Director, Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hallie Bodey is a leading expert in extracurricular and academic programming in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has worked on K-12, undergraduate, and graduate programs.  She served as the Program Manager for the Center for Global Law and Policy at Santa Clara University, which boasts the largest US-accredited Law Study Abroad program in the country.  Previous to that, she served as the Assistant Director for International Programs at Stanford University.  Hallie Bodey is currently pursuing an M.A. in Educational Leadership student at Santa Clara University School of Education and Counseling Psychology with an interest in immigrant educational experience, education in prisons, and experiential education.  Before joining academia, Hallie served as Vendor Manager for a NYC start-up focused on language translation.  Hallie continues to be a sought out consultant for education start-ups and is available to advise students seeking to solve problems in the areas of education, language, and travel.

Hallie has taught and advised thousands of students and developed dozens of new partnerships and new programs, with a deep focus on internationalization and global programming.   She has supported students in earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships for Study Abroad.  She is a champion of leadership skill development in students, with a deep commitment to increasing opportunities for first generation, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and international students.

In her freetime, Hallie scours the internet for travel ideas, studies Kanji (Japanese), researches alternative housing, and raises chickens.