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About the Movie

GENERAL MAGIC’, winner of Seven Best Documentary Awards, is the untold story of one of history’s greatest tech teams, who after a great failure, changed the lives of billions. The #1 Best Selling Documentary on iTunes premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The ideas that dominate the tech industry and our day to day lives were born at a secretive Silicon Valley start-up called ‘General Magic’, which spun out of Apple in 1990 to create the “next big thing”. General Magic shipped the first handheld personal communicator (or “smartphone”) in 1994. The film combines rare archival footage with powerful honesty from the “Magicians” today, reflecting on the most influential Silicon Valley company no one has ever heard of.

Featuring legendary members of the original Macintosh team, along with the creators of the iPod, iPhone, Android, and eBay, this is the story of one of history’s most talented tech teams, who after a great failure, went on to change the lives of billions.

The Reviews Are In - It's a Hit!

‘Such an involving documentary for so many reasons it’s hard to know where to begin.’
(LA Times)

‘A captivating history with global appeal’

‘A fascinating tale.’
(The Hollywood Reporter)

‘The biggest eye-opener of Tribeca 2018.’
(Film Journal)

‘Poignant, entertaining and full of life and lessons.’

‘Gripping material, deftly edited, “General Magic” is remarkable’’

‘General Magic is a reminder of how compelling stories about technology can be.'
(The Verge)

‘Fascinating, heartbreaking and inspiring.’
(Beau Willimon, President of Writers Guild of America)

‘The footage is unbelievable. This geekily comic doc inspires big dreams at every turn.’

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