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Campus Ministry

We are here to help develop and support your spirituality during college.

As you search for communities where you fit in, we strive to help you find ways to BELONG. As you begin your adult life, we want you to articulate in ever deepening ways what you BELIEVE. When you look towards your future and think about who you want to BECOME, we want to be there to support you to your next step.

Diverse ministry activities

  • Dennis Jacobs paints in response to Laudato Si

    A Drive to Create

    Provost Dennis Jacobs and the Spirituality of Painting

    You may have heard that SCU's Provost, Dr. Dennis Jacobs, is an avid painter. We were curious if he considered painting a spiritual practice and decided to sit down with him. What we learned was insightful and interesting.



    • Sunday: 10am, 6pm, 9pm
    • Mon - Fri: 12:05pm
    • Saturday: No Masses


    • Sundays from 8pm to 8:45pm (only when 9pm mass is scheduled)
    • Mondays from 11:30am to 12pm
    *Sunday Evening Masses and Reconciliation are sometimes suspended during University breaks (i.e. Spring Break) and certain holidays.  Check the Mass Schedule Updates often for changes to our regular mass and reconciliation schedule. 


    This week in Campus Ministry

    We invite you to reflect on the experience of violence in recent times, and to consider the invitations for individual and collective response this Thursday. We also invite you to consider attending a retreat. These are an excellent way to take you away from SCU and help you reconnect with yourself, others, and God about things that matter to you. Retreat applications are open both for the Search Retreat and the Ignatian Silent Retreat. This week you can look at how to Kick Start Your Social Impact at the information fair on Thursday evening in Benson.

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    Spirituality Spotlight

    • Matt Smith

      The Spirituality Spotlight this week is Associate Director of Campus Ministry, Matt Smith. When Matt was asked how he practices his spirituality, he responded saying, “Food (where it comes from, how it nourishes me, who was involved in making it), active lifestyle (biking, soccer, running, walking with my wife), minutes of mindfulness, prayer.” Read more about more about Matt’s spiritual journey on the next page.