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Jesuit values

Jesuit Values

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    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

    If you've ever noticed the letters "AMDG" on campus and wondered what they stand for, it's a Latin phrase close to the heart of St. Ignatius of Loyola: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. This Jesuit value invites us into Ignatius' disposition, that we, too, might do all things "for the greater glory of God," making of our lives, a generous, intentional contribution with the lavish gifts we've been given by the Creator. 

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    Contemplatives in Action

    Being a Contemplative in Action means that you create intentional pauses for rest and reflection that give you a chance to choose how you will respond, not react. This value also means that your reflection isn't an end in itself, but it orients you into continual, meaningful action where you can translate your values into real impact. 

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    Cura Personalis

    Care of the individual person acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual. Each person has a complex identity made up of so many distinct characteristics. We want to meet you where you are—not in spite of your gender, ethnicity, culture, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status—but in the richness of the intersectional identities that make you who you are! 

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    Finding God in All Things

    In a posture of gratitude and reverence to the Creator, St. Ignatius saw everything in life as a gift. Even the most difficult of times are infused with the presence of God. This value awakens our curiosity, non-judgment, and wonder to discover grace all around us.

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    The Magis

    Latin for "the More," Magis isn't about running yourself ragged adding perptually to your task list as if Doing More will somehow make you better. Rather, this value creates a disposition of commitment and excellence, striving always to Become More. Being someone who practices "The Magis" will develop you to be someone "whose yes means yes and no means no."

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    People with and for Others

    The Jesuit commitment to social justice activism stems from a deeply-rooted experience of solidarity. With a profound respect for the dignity of each person, we are compelled to enter into the experience, perspective, and suffering of others—especially people who experience marginalization and oppression—and to stand with and for them. 

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    Unity of Mind and Heart

    A Jesuit education does not simply entail information for your brain, but rather engagement with all aspects of your life. Ignatian spirituality invites you beyond a merely intellectual assessment of faith or life. Your affect, your emotions, your passions, your hopes, and indeed—your dreams—are all essential to discerning where God is calling you to grow. 

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