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Gathering in prayer as a community is important to us. It reminds us of where we come from and who we have to support us.

Many students share that the time they spend in prayer at the Mission Church and around campus is a touchstone of their SCU experience. We hope that you'll come to find that you have an important place at the table. Find your spiritual home with us.



  • Sunday: 10am, 6pm, 9pm
  • Mon - Fri: 12:05pm
  • Saturday: No Masses


  • Sundays from 8pm to 8:45pm (only when 9pm mass is scheduled)
  • Mondays from 11:30am to 12pm
*Sunday Evening Masses and Reconciliation are sometimes suspended during University breaks (i.e. Spring Break) and certain holidays.  Check the Mass Schedule Updates often for changes to our regular mass and reconciliation schedule. 


    • Work Hard. Play hard. Pray hard.

      At Santa Clara, we work hard and play hard, but we also pray hard. The time, effort, and love put into each and every liturgy is nothing short of amazing. It creates a true experience of welcome and calmness that's conducive to true and honest prayer. Everyone at Santa Clara that I talk to says that Mass helps them stabilize themselves in the midst of an otherwise hectic life. It allows them to truly have time for themselves and the Almighty, which allows them to have an experience here that is truly whole. -Gus Hardy '16, Hospitality Ministry Intern

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