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Leadership Opportunities


CM team 2017-18

Internships in Campus Ministry provide you opportunities to develop leadership skills in a supportive environment. You don't have to be thinking about a future in ministry to be an intern. In fact, an internship with us will help you develop skills that will transfer to many other aspects of your life. This is a great chance to work side-by-side with other students interested in exploring faith and spirituality, as well as with professionals in the field.

The application process begins in late February with a due date of late March and decisions made by mid-April.

Hours per week: 5-10
Paid? Yes, starting at $15 per hour.

Retreat Leaders image cap

Retreat Leaders

For certain retreats (Search, First Year, Senior), we need help organizing the events. Roles include being a discussion facilitator, organizing logistics, and giving a talk, among others. Student Applications Hours per week: Varies with different retreats. Paid? No, except for Retreats intern.

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CLC Leaders

The ExCo is the leadership team for all CLC activities, including socials, service, and training. Each year there are several positions open. To apply for ExCo, visit our applications page and fill out the form there. The President and Vice-President are Campus Ministry interns. Internship applications will open in late February. Hours per week: 3-5 Paid? Yes, starting at $15/hour.

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CRS Student Ambassadors

CRS Student Ambassador chapters form a national community of students committed to advancing global justice, peace, and human dignity. At SCU, it is run out of the Xavier RLC in collaboration with Campus Ministry. Contact Sylvia Rodriguez or Shaawna Richardson for more detailed information. There is no formal application process. Hours per week: 1-2 Paid? No.