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religious diversity

Religious Diversity

Everyone is welcome to participate in Campus Ministry programs and we sincerely hope that you will feel that welcome when you visit us.

You might think that there's not a place for you because you're not Catholic, you identify as LGBTQ, or you have not felt a warm welcome in the religious tradition in which you were raised. We want you to know that there is a place for you. We value the experiences that have brought you to this moment and hope that we can be part of your SCU experience.



At the interaction of art and spirituality.... Becoming! Explore new spiritual practices while having conversations with others. 

Interfaith Council


We live in one of the most religiously diverse areas of the country. This provides an incredible opportunity to deepen in relationship through dialogue.

The Santa Clara University Interfaith Council is dedicated to fostering understanding, cooperation and respect among people of various faiths and traditions – within the university and the greater community – through thoughtful dialogue and meaningful relationship.

SCU Interfaith Calendar


Religious Holidays

2021 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Events

Seeking Unity Amid Division

Abide All Campus Worship

January 18, 2021 "Beloved Community" Service

Upholding the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Establishing the Beloved Community at SCU

Ask Us Anything: Christianity Edition

Ask Us Anything Intro


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Religious & Spiritual Groups


If you are interested in connecting with others who share your particular religious identity, be sure to check out the Religious & Spiritual RSOs. If you don't see a group that reflects your religious affiliation and would like to create one, talk to Carly.


Worldview Diversity Training


Learn about the Worldview Diversity Training, express interest in becoming a trainer.