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Kaitlin Boone

Head Desk Receptionist

I have been involved in Campus Ministry my whole college career, and have held two positions including the Christian Diversity intern and the CLC Vice-President. I am excited to continue working and helping at Campus Ministry in a new area as the head desk receptionist.

I am a senior from Visalia, CA studying Neuroscience, Psychology, and Sociology. I enjoy assisting in research in Professor Koopmann-Holm's psych lab, working in the Malenka Neuroscience lab at Stanford, and I am a certified EMT. I have been involved in Campus Ministry since my first year here at SCU, and I am very excited to continue and grow in a new position this school year. Come find me lounging in the comfy Campus Ministry couches to talk about CLC, school, Bible studies, neuroscience, life - or anything!