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Olivia Glaser

Christian Life Community Executive Council, Community Building Coordinator

I have such a deep love and appreciation for the CLC community, through which I have discovered such profound and meaningful connections with others and with my faith. By serving as a Community Coordinator, I hope only to give back to CLC some of what this program and group of individuals has given me.

I am currently an Economics Major and Art History Minor hailing from Portland, Oregon. As well as functioning on the executive council of CLC and leading a CLC small group (with my awesome co-leader Emma Hokoda!), I serve as a LSB Peer Advisor and as a writing partner for the HUB. Like any native Oregonian, I live for everything outdoors, but I steadfastly embrace the crunchy granola lifestyle wherever I go––catch me on campus rocking that socks and sandals look. Beyond inappropriate footwear, my passions include architectural follies, the Oxford comma, and business casual attire. I am beyond excited to share my love of fun, faith, and everything SCU with my fellow Broncos!