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Andrew Hanson-Quintana
Andrew Hanson-Quintana

Campus Minister for Spiritual Life Community

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With great joy, I serve the Santa Clara University community as the director of the Spiritual Life Community (SLC), a program that seeks to deepen students’ engagement with Ignatian Spirituality through small groups that intentionally share their faith journeys with one another. Processing all that life throws at you with trusted companions and through a spiritual lens  invites participants to deepen in their own self-knowledge, integrate their various experiences, mature in their respective faith lives, and cultivate deep friendships. What a great way to make the most out of your Jesuit education at SCU! All are welcome no matter who you are or where you fall on the faith spectrum!

Born in São Paulo, Brazil and having spent adolescence in Iowa, I love the challenge of seeing things from new perspectives. I’m fascinated to learn the various factors that influence a person’s self-understanding, and find purpose simply listening to others and empowering them to trust their own deepest experiences. The spiritual lens of the Jesuits (Ignatian Spirituality) was hugely influential in my own self-understanding, and I was first introduced to some foundational components of it during my undergraduate years at Creighton University, where I studied psychology and communications. My career trajectory was formed by my post-graduate volunteer years in the Dominican Republic, where my eyes were humbly opened to how much I do not know! My hunger for learning and connecting led me into the Jesuit order, where I spent 6 fruitful years integrating new ideas, experiences, languages, cultures and relationships into my ever-widening perspective.

I arrived at SCU from The Bronx, where I studied spirituality at Fordham University and worked for 3 years at South Bronx United, a youth development organization that uses soccer as the hook for comprehensive services. Sprouting from my “Brazilian side”, soccer is an integral part of my identity as I love playing, coaching and watching o jogo bonito - the beautiful game! Knowing how I come alive with soccer, biking, and just generally being active, I love to share in what makes others come alive as well. So come by campus ministry or drop me note to continue exploring and sharing what brings you joy and life!