Kitzi Hendricks

Spirituality Facilitator

Although a California native, I have jumped around a bit over the last decade. After graduating from Creighton University in 2011, I spent three years serving as a volunteer in Cochabamba, Bolivia, working first with adolescent girls who had experienced abuse in their families and then later with refugees and survivors of torture and political violence. In my free time, I enjoy playing music, singing, coloring, practicing meditation and yoga, playing games, being creative, and going on adventures! I'm in my second year of the Counseling Psychology master's program at SCU.

I'm returning as a second-year Spirituality Facilitator because I love the energy that the students bring to our RLCs and SCU community and the personal growth that I get to witness throughout the year. I enjoy living side-by-side with the residents in my community, having meaningful conversations, being creative, and sharing life with the students in my community, and being able to provide a safe and comfortable place that feels and smells like a little piece of home.