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Yesi Magdaleno-Solis

Misas en Español Intern

I have always connected my faith with Spanish as that is how I grew up. Coming to SCU just last September, I was searching for that similar community. Mass in the mission was only in English every Sunday, and when I celebrated mass, it was not the language of prayer that I was accustomed to, so I felt uncomfortable the first few times. I hope to continue to bring together the community of Spanish-speaking believers into a monthly mass celebrated in the language many are most comfortable with.

I am a second year striving to discover what God wants to do with me and my life. As my first year has taught me more about myself than I was prepared to learn, I realized that I love to be very engaged in my community outside of campus. I spent much of my time in San Jose and in Campbell working with a high school mentor for sophomores and seniors while also being with a family for my ELSJ Spanish classes. I was not so dedicated to solely my academics because of the time I would rather be participating in clubs, events, etc. I love talking Life and Social Justice stuff anytime! Catch me at the library at when lights are being turned off and when I am being kicked out at 2am.