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Maria de la Luz (Lulu) Santana

Director of Campus Ministry

It is a great joy for me to be part of the Campus Ministry team at Santa Clara University! As Director of Campus Ministry, I provide the strategic and administrative leadership for the department that enables us to provide the pastoral care and leadership for the SCU community. Although I have been at SCU for many years, every year is a new adventure! During the school year, one will find me attending different Campus Ministry events like liturgies in the Mission Church, retreats, Interfaith Dinner Discussions or programs for Christian Life Communities. I also enjoy meeting students informally at campus events or in our office. As a Roman Catholic, I savor the opportunities to accompany others as they explore their religious and spiritual identity as well as learn of the great diversity that is present in our campus community. Throughout my time at SCU, I have been involved in a variety of ministries including the Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Confirmation, retreats, immersion trips, spiritual direction, Misas en Español, and Resident Ministry (Swig, 1996-1999 and Unity, 1999-2002).

I am a life-long Californian, originally from Oxnard, CA. I studied at Ventura College and transferred to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I completed a B.A. in Political Science. In 1997 I graduated from the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries at SCU with an M.A. in Catechetics and have been serving ever since in Campus Ministry at SCU. I took a short leave in the spring of 2006 to serve as Acting Director of the Casa de la Solidaridad, SCU's study abroad program in El Salvador. In 2010, I completed the three-year Spiritual Directors' Institute at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA

Besides my work at SCU, I find great joy in sharing time with family, especially my nieces and nephew! Connecting with friends, reading, exercise, and prayer are some of the activities that refresh me on a regular basis. For several years I have served as a volunteer in our county jails for the Diocese of San Jose's Restorative Justice program.This ministry refreshes me by deepening my faith and expanding my awareness of God's presence in our world. When it's time to take a break from the Bay Area, I love visiting friends and family in different corners of the state, country and world. When the destination includes warm weather, a hammock and mangoes . . . life is very good!

Benson 105