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Multifaith Resources

Lighting a lantern during SCU Swades celebration of Diwali.

ING (Islamic Network Group)

ING (the Islamic Network Group) has been hosting a series of webinars and curating resources ("Spirituality in a Time of Crisis") to address spiritual responses to the coronavirus by female religious leaders. The resources below have been provided by ING. Check out


Interfaith Youth Corps


IFYC (the Interfaith Youth Corps) is first and foremost a mission driven organization, maintaining a commitment to drive interfaith cooperation as effectively as possible. As we closely monitor Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) we center our civic interfaith leadership responsibility to prioritize the common good. This priority is grounded in the values of many religious traditions and a humanistic recognition of care for the most vulnerable.

Those most vulnerable right now are older members of our communities and those living with compromised immunity. Actions we take to protect public health lower the risks as COVID-19 continues to spread. We see those actions as mission critical imperatives.

Effective immediately, we will be moving programming online and limiting in person gatherings as well as non-essential travel through the end of April.

We appreciate all that our partners on campus and throughout our communities across the country are doing to respond to this collective threat, and we wish good health and safety to all.