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Accounts Payable Disbursements

For Payroll Disbursements, please visit Human Resources

For Student Tuition payments, please visit the Bursar's Office

Accounts Payable is responsible for the timely processing and payment of vendor invoices and employee reimbursements.

Information provided to initiate payments must be submitted by the department receiving the goods and services. Purchases made through a purchase requisition and purchase order through PeopleSoft will be paid once the invoice, receiving report and PO are matched.

All employee reimbursements and purchasing card charges are handled through Concur. 

How to get things paid at SCU:

The Santa Clara University MasterCard is used to purchase office supplies and travel expenses. Our purchasing department has discounts setup for Staples and Give Something Back for office supplies so make sure you sign up for accounts by contacting Kim For computer hardware or major equipment purchases, we require a Purchasing Requisition through the purchasing department. Computer hardware will not be approved through Concur. The purchasing card is only for SCU Faculty and Staff and charges need to be reconciled by the employee through Concur on a monthly basis. 

SCU uses PeopleSoft Financials to enter purchase requisitions. The purchasing department has contracts with various vendors with discounts. The employee enters a purchase requisition and once approved, the requisition builds into a purchase order sent to the supplier. Invoices are then sent directly to Accounts Payable to process. 

Requisitions are required for computer hardware:

  • Dell
  • Apple
  • Other large equipment or furniture purchases

For purchase requisitions training, please contact Kim Tavares,

Wire Transfers are used only when purchasing goods or services internationally and are used in lieu of quick vouchers for invoices. Contact for more information. 

For services performed overseas, please include the Services Provided Outside the United States Payment Form with your wire request. Please note that we cannot pay individuals for services overseas, only companies, where a contract has been submitted and approved by our Legal team. 

For reimbursements, please include the Business Expense Form and clearly indicate the business purpose. 

For products, please include an invoice that shows what we are paying for. 

Quick vouchers are entered in PeopleSoft Financials when the department received an invoice without first obtaining a purchase order. To pay an invoice, you have the option to pay via quick voucher or the SCU MasterCard. If they do not take credit cards, please enter a quick voucher. Student stipends and reimbursements are also handled through quick vouchers.