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Purchasing Goods or Services

Confused about how to pay a bill? Check out our "How to get things paid at SCU" section at the bottom of Accounts Payable Disbursements

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for the timely processing and payment of vendor invoices. Information provided to initiate payments must be submitted by the department receiving the goods and services. 

Required information: Printed and signed quick voucher page and original invoice. Quotes and proposals are not accepted as valid invoices. Please make sure you keep a copy of the signed quick voucher page and invoice for your records. 

It is extremely important that invoices be reviewed, approved and submitted for payment on a timely basis in order to process the documents and check payment. This processing normally takes ten business days from when the quick vouchers with invoices arrive in the University Finance Office. Please ensure that quick vouchers are submitted in sufficient time to meet payment deadlines. New vendor setup, direct deposit setup, and independent contractor agreements may cause longer delays due to higher level approval. 

Sales Tax Rate:

  Start End Rate
Current Rate 4/1/2017   9.00%
Old Rate 1/1/2017 3/31/2017 8.50%
Old Rate 4/1/2013 12/31/2016 8.75%

If invoices are for goods and do not charge sales tax, we will still accrue use tax and send it to the state. This includes Concur purchases. 

Why is it called use tax? 

We use the product here in Santa Clara, regardless of where we purchased it from, and therefore we owe taxes for the use of the product. 

To process student award payments for official SCU awards, please submt a quick voucher through PeopleSoft and include the student ID and address in the special instructions box. For backup documentation, we need the official description of the awards attached and the authorized approval signature on the quick voucher. 

The Independent Contractor Process has changed as of 12/01/2018.

Contracts must be reviewed and signed off by legal before AP completes any payments to the vendor. Please submit contracts BEFORE services are performed. 

Please visit Legal Counsel's website for more information and details on the new process: 

Independent Contractors