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Concur Reimbursements & Purchasing Card Expenses

SCU uses Concur for all Faculty and Staff reimbursements and purchasing card expenses. 

To login, please go to

To sign up for a Concur account, please fill out this Concur Request Access Form and email it to

For Concur training, please contact Will at

To apply for a Purchasing Card, please fill out the Purchasing Card Application

To access profile settings, click Profile at the top right and select Profile Settings. On the left menu, find the following highlights (* indicates recommended setup):

  1. *Email Addresses - Verify your email address so you can forward emailed receipts directly to which will upload your expense directly to Concur. Detailed guide with screenshots
  2. *Credit Cards - Add your SCU purchasing card to your profile and enable e-receipts (step 7). We cannot do this for you for privacy reasons.
  3. Travel Preferences - Setup travel preferences so you can save time booking travel through Concur.
  4. Assistants/Arrangers - Setup a travel arranger who can book travel for you.
  5. Expense Delegates - Setup a delegate who can prepare the expense reports on your behalf, but cannot submit the expense report for you. Make sure you check both boxes, “Can Prepare” and “Can View Receipts”!
  6. Expense Preferences - Email notification settings.
  7. *E-receipts Activation – Enable these to receive e-receipts from participating vendors so you do not have to attach any receipt to the item, like Staples.

Other recommendations:

Download the Concur Mobile app to create, edit, submit and approve expense reports on the go.

Download the ExpenseIt Pro app to capture receipts and have them automatically turned into expense entries in your account.

Concur Mobile

NEW: the iPhone Concur Mobile app can now allocate.

The Concur Mobile app, found on the app store for Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows stores, allows users to create expense reports, expenses, attach mobile receipts, submit reports, and approve reports all within the app. You can do everything in this app that you can do on a computer except for allocating expenses; only iPhone users can allocate within the app.  

ExpenseIt Pro

The ExpenseIt Pro app takes pictures of your receipts and automatically creates the expense entries for you, including itemizing hotel bills. If your receipts are more than one page, you can still take advantage of this service by forwarding your receipts to

SCU Guide and FAQ

TripIt Pro

TripLink allows you to link your Concur account to travel suppliers so you have all your itinerary in one place. TripLink includes a TripIt Pro license. After a you log into Concur following our TripLink implementation, you will be prompted to authorize a connection with TripIt Pro. This connection will result in business itineraries booked in Concur Travel, or if booked outside of Concur and sent to, to be automatically placed into your TripIt account and kept synchronized. Trip plans also flow in the opposite direction to Concur if sent directly to TripIt and marked as business trips. When you first establish this link, you create a (or automatically upgrade your existing) TripIt account with the premium version, TripIt Pro, and continue to receive these premium benefits during your tenure with SCU. 

SCU Setup Guide

Approval Quick Start

Expense Quick Start

I accidently used my purchasing card for a personal expense, what do I do now?

Accidental Purchasing Card Use

I need some help with my account and my coworker has agreed to help me, should I give them my password?

No, you can add people as a delegate to your account so they have access to your reports through their own account.

Adding a Delegate

I need to charge some expenses to different accounting strings, do I need to create separate reports?

No, you can allocate charges to different accounting strings within one report. 

Allocation Guide

I received a report to approve from my employee, but I need someone else to approve it. 

You can approve and forward the report to another Concur approver:

Approving & Forwarding

How can I be reimbursed for mileage?

Mileage Reimbursement

I have a LOT of mileage to enter, are there any shortcuts?

Copying Mileage Expenses

I've lost my receipt, how can I still submit my report?

Please first contact the vendor to try and obtain a receipt. If that fails, please use the Missing Receipt Affidavit.

I'm travelling internationally and want to claim the country's per diem rate, how can I do that?

Please read our International Per Diem guide. 

Receipts are required for any expenses $75 or above by Accounts Payable. Your department may have different rules so please check with your budget manager if they use the $75 threshold or if they want receipts for all transactions regardless of amount.

Receipt Requirements:

  • Vendor letterhead
  • Date of transaction
  • Amount
  • Proof of payment
  • Itemized receipt required for hotel and meal expenses
  • Airfare receipts must show flight information and confirmation date

Proof of payment shows either “Paid by Credit Card” or it has the last four digits of the credit card on the receipt.

Itemized receipts show line by line items on the bill.

Maximum tip allowance for any expense is 20%.

If you do not have a valid receipt, please use the Missing Receipt Affidavit

IRS Standard Mileage Rates:

New rate effective Jan 1, 2019 - $0.58

Old rate effective Jan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2018 - $0.545

IRS Relocation Mileage Rates:

New rate effective Jan 1, 2018 - $0.18

Old rate effective Jan 1, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017 - $0.17

Business Meals - Per Diem:

The maximum per diem rate for Business Meals has been changed to $50.00 per day effective September 14, 2004.

International Per Diem:

For international per diem rates, please visit the U.S. Department of State's website

Expense reports generally take 2 weeks to go through all the approvals. 

For reimbursements, signing up for direct deposit is preferable and much quicker. To sign up for direct deposit, please contact for the form. AP's system is separate from HR and we do not have access to payroll information.

Report Approval Steps:

  1. The default approver. 
  2. Project approver if there is a project code used on the report. 
  3. Back Office Approval, which can take up to 5 buisness days to review the report.

Once the report goes through all the approval steps, an email notification will be sent indicating that the report has been extracted for payment. It takes up to 5 business days for it to be deposited into the bank account if direct deposit is on the account. Once paid, we will email a payment advice. Checks will take an additional week, plus mailing time. 


If you are interested in applying for Tuition Reimbursement for yourself or your dependents, and you have at least three years of continuous service with the University, and work more than 30 hours per week, you must submit a Employee Benefit Application in advance of submitting a request for reimbursement.  Employee’s classes must be job related and signed off by your supervisor.  Please submit the Employee Benefit Application from HR's website before creating your Concur report. 

The Education Benefit application should be submitted to Debby Merryman in HR, via email or through the campus mail.  We encourage you to read the Education Policy 609  for complete program guidelines and restrictions.

Once approved by HR, you can submit your Concur expense report by following these instructions:

Tuition Reimbursement in Concur

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tuition Reimbursement FAQs