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Purchasing Card Program

Program Overview

  • Purchasing cards are ideal for a variety of your purchasing needs.
  • No personal purchases allowed and the individual is responsible for the card, purchases, funds, and monthly reconciliation in the CONCUR system.
  • Simplifies purchases; no requisitions, no payment requests, no delay.

Purchasing Card & Declining Balance/Replenishment Purchasing Card Application Process

  1. Attend a CONCUR training class. Please contact, to schedule a training. Attending a CONCUR training class is required before you can pick up your purchasing card.
  2. Complete the Purchasing Card Application or the Declining Balance/Replenishment Purchasing Card Application (both forms found below).
  3. Send the completed application via inter-campus mail to Ed Merryman (x5076) in University Support Services or scan the completed application and email it to You will be notified via email when your purchasing card is ready for pick up from the University Finance Office, located at 475 El Camino Real, 1st floor.

Purchasing Card Applications

CONCUR Template #'s (Credit Limits)

#1........$250 per transaction & $1,000 per month
#2........$250 per transaction & $1,500 per month
#3........$500 per transaction & $5,000 per month
#4........$750 per transaction & $5,000 per month
#5........$1,000 per transaction & $6,000 per month
#6........$1,500 per transaction & $9,000 per month
#7........$2,000 per transaction & $5,000 per month
#8........$2,000 per transaction & $10,000 per month
#9........$2,000 per transaction & $20,000 per month
#10......$2,500 per transaction & $25,000 per month
#11......$5,000 per transaction & $10,000 per month
#12......$5,000 per transaction & $20,000 per month
#13......$5,000 per transaction & $25,000 per month
#14......$10,000 per transaction & $25,000 per month

Requesting Increase to Purchasing Card Limits

For auditing purposes, the request for an increase must come from the individual who signs off on the card holder's transactions in Concur. Please email the request to Ed Merryman at with the template # included and whether the increase is temporary or permanent.

International Travel

If you will be traveling internationally on university business and will be using your purchasing card, please contact Ed Merryman via email at prior to your departure. List the dates of travel, including departure and return dates, as well as the countries to which you will be traveling.

Information & Instructions for Chip & PIN Purchasing Card

For security purposes, more vendors are requiring your PIN when you use your purchasing card. For convenient access and ongoing reference to your PIN, visit the Online PIN Check website at

As the card holder, it is your responsibility to complete the one-time registration in order to get your Bank of America issued PIN. This PIN may not be customized by the card holder. For additional information and frequently asked questions, please see the Chip and PIN Guide below:

Set Up & Manage Alerts To Monitor Purchasing Card Transactions

In lieu of fraud, you can now keep up with transactions on your purchasing card and detect fraudulent charges. You have the capability to set up and manage alerts sent directly to your phone and/or email.  In order to set this up, you must first complete the one-time registration, which will allow you to access your PIN and set up/manage alerts for your purchasing card.

With alerts you can:

  • Choose alerts to notify you when specific activity happens on your account.
  • Customize how and when alerts are sent to you.
  • Prevent late fees by receiving a notification when your bill is coming due.
  • Feel secure knowing you will be contacted in case of any suspicious activity.