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Financial Transaction Adjustment Request (FTAR)

The detailed FTAR Processing Guide includes further processing details, cut off times, etc.

Once it is determined that a financial transaction adjustment is necessary:

  1. Download the FTAR template. The main template to be used to submit FTARs to the University Finance Office is the standard form.  Use of the standard form permits 12 debits and 12 credit lines. There is an advanced journal form that can be used for users that know when to submit a journal with positive numbers (debits) and negative numbers (credits.) Please contact your Finance Representative if you feel you need access to the advanced form.  You can also submit multiple short form if you don't feel comfortable using the long form.

    FTAR Standard Form

  2. Gather all necessary supporting documentation. Appropriate support must be gathered and available for necessary approvals and reviews. It is highly recommended that the support is imaged and attached to the submitting email along with the request. All adjustment requests to sponsored programs, (13001 fund) must be coordinated through the SPO. No forms will be processed with 13001 funds unless submitted by SPO staff.
  3. Complete the form header and journal lines. Instructions on how to use the templates are in the "Instruction- Journal Lines" tab of each template. Contact your Finance representative if you need further training on how to use the forms.
  4. Obtain ALL necessary approvals. Many departments have specific procedures and internal controls for preparing and authorizing transactions.  Internal department procedures should be followed in addition to the mandated procedures of the Controller's Office. To determine if your department has specific procedures related to journal processing please contact your Business Manager, or Department Budget Manager. Additionally, if you are charging another department you must first obtain approval from that department. All department approvers must be documented per form instructions in the approver field. Documentation (email, etc.) of other department approval must be scanned and submitted as support with the request in order to be posted.
  5. Properly document an FTAR using Description fields, Authorized Approver fields and Explanation field. Detailed instructions, including syntax suggestions are contained in the FTAR Processing Guide.
  6. After completion, e-mail the form to Only files sent to this e-mail address can be uploaded to PeopleSoft. Submit only one FTAR per email. Do not submit an FTAR more than once.
  7. The UFO Systems Accounting group will upload all the files received from 12:01 PM from the previous workday to files received not later than 12PM of the current workday. Files with chartfield errors during upload will be returned to the originator and the originator will need to fix and re-submit the file. There will be an e-mail response to the originator upon successful upload and it will include the Journal ID assigned to the file. At this point the request is not posted, and still requires review by your Finance Representative.
  8. Your UFO Finance Representative can start the review of the Journals after 2PM each workday. Your Finance Representative may contact you if further information / clarification is needed to complete their review of the request. If all information is correct and the request is properly supported and approved, there are three options. -Process and Post the Journal-Make corrections then process and post the Journal-Delete the Journal. The Accountant will notify the originator with explanation why the   Journal was deleted.
  9. All files will be processed within 2 business days after receipt.