Program Code Definitions

The program code chartfield is an alpha string of up to 5 characters that characterizes transactions by function.  The values represent categories based on NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) standards, and allow Santa Clara University financial transactions to be compared to those of other universities across the country.  The Controller’s Office assigns the appropriate program code(s) for each fund-dept combination in compliance with NACUBO standards. It is a required field on all tranactions.

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Program Code Acronym Description Used For:
AGCY Agency Agencies are funds that record amounts held for parties external to the University.
ASAUX Academic Support/Auxiliaries The Museum and Faculty Housing
ASFA Academic Support/Financial Aid Prizes and Awards
ASIS Academic Support/Institutional Support Academic Computing Center. Curriculum and Faculty Development. Sponsored Projects Office. Academic Media Services. Other programs such as Core Curriculum, Academic Searches, Faculty Orientation, Faculty Senate
ASLIB Academic Support/Libraries Heafey and Orradre
ASPS Academic Support/Public Service Public service activities which support the learning process.
ASSS Academic Support/Student Services Provost student awards and honors, athletic academic enhancement.
AUX Auxiliary An auxiliary enterprise exists to furnish goods or services to students, faculty, or staff, & charges a fee directly related to, although not necessarily equal to, the cost of the goods or services.  The distinguishing characteristic of an auxiliary enterprise is that it is managed as an essentially self-supporting activity.  Examples are residence halls, food services, bookstore, faculty clubs, faculty & staff parking, & faculty & staff housing. 
FAATH Athletic Financial Aid Athletic Financial Aid
FAC Facilities Includes all expenditures for operations established to provide services & maintenance related to grounds & facilities.  
FAFED Federal Financial Aid Federal Financial Aid
FAGRD Financial Aid for Grad students Financial Aid for Grad students
FAST State Financial Aid State Financial Aid
FAUG Financial Aid for Undergrad students Financial Aid for Undergrad students
IN Instruction Academic department support including salaries and benefits for support staff, student wages, and discretionary expenses (office supplies and other costs including postage, phone, copier, and faculty travel.) Special programs such as Computer Labs, Engineering Design Center, Women’s Studies, and Ethnic Studies. Studies Abroad.
IS Institutional Support Expenditures for activities concerned with management & long-range planning for the entire University, such as planning & programming; legal services; fiscal operations; administrative data processing; space management; employee personnel & records; logistical activities that provide procurement, storerooms, safety, security, printing, and transportation services to the institution; and activities concerned with community & alumni relations, including development & fund raising. 
Representative Units: Executive Offices, University Relations, Finance, Human Resources, Administrative Services, Information Technology, Non-academic Media Services.
ONC Other non-current Capital Projects / Construction
PS Public Service Expenditures for activities established primarily to provide noninstructional services beneficial to individuals & groups external to the institution.  These activities include community service programs (excluding instructional activities) and cooperative extension services.  Included in this category are conferences, institutes, general advisory services, and similar noninstructional services to particular sectors of the community.
RSCH Research Expenditures for activities specifically organized to produce research, whether commissioned by an agency external to SCU or separately budgeted by a school, department, or unit within SCU.  
SS Student Services Expenditures incurred for offices of admissions & the registrar & activities with the primary purpose of contributing to students' emotional & physical well-being & intellectual, cultural, & social development outside the context of the formal instruction program.
Representative Units: Enrollment Management, Athletics, Campus Recreation, Campus Ministry, Center for Student Leadership, Career Services, Counseling Services, Student Health Center.