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Testing Protocol

Alert icon Summer COVID-19 Testing: Weekly COVID-19 testing is mandatory for unvaccinated personnel on campus including: on-campus residents, students (grad and undergrad) taking classes in person, faculty, staff,  and core contractors. Register for testing via Mobile SCU app or the ShieldT3 Portal (use agency code "scu"). Cowell Health Center Mon & Tues. 9am-12pm.

COVID-19 Testing, Summer 2021

Weekly testing is required of all who are living, working, taking classes face to face, or studying on campus in summer 2021. This no-cost weekly testing is our commitment to our campus and our community, and will help us identify positive cases among our students, and— with everyone’s cooperation— help us prevent outbreaks that threaten our community’s welfare. 

Unless you are fully vaccinated for three weeks or longer, anyone coming to campus one day a week or more is required to participate in weekly testing. Testing is available to all students (on campus and off) as well as faculty and staff, at no cost. No appointment is necessary. Register once (see "How" below) and you may show up once a week during clinic hours.  Unvaccinated off-campus students are strongly encouraged to participate in weekly testing even if you are not attending classes face to face. 

When and Where 

Summer Term

Location & hours for summer term are:

  • Cowell Health Center, Outside Tables
  • 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday and Tuesday

**The former testing location at Benson Memorial, Williman Room, has closed. 

Jesuit School of Theology (JST)- Berkeley Campus COVID-19 Testing

  • Wednesdays 9:30 am to 12:30 pm in the Manresa Lounge
  • For questions or concerns regarding JST COVID-19 testing, please contact Tanisha Sparks at (510) 549-5070.

For saliva testing, you need to register once, creating an account and password, and thereafter you’ll be in the system and can just show up any time a testing center is open. Please bring ID and please save the emails you will receive showing you have been tested as well as your negative results. Such emails will help you access certain buildings as campus begins to re-open this spring and fall. 

  • How to Register: Register for testing through the ShieldT3 portal. When asked to enter your agency code, type "scu".  
    Registration also will be available on the Mobile SCU app.
  • Nasal Swab Testing Registration: For those who cannot test by submitting a saliva sample, there are a limited number of nasal swab testing kits available each day during the week. If you wish to test via nasal swab, please first create an account with Color, our testing lab partner for nasal swabs.
  • Important Testing Procedures
    • Those being tested will self-administer saliva tests. (Video instructions on YouTube).
    • Saliva testing requires that you do not eat, drink (not even water!), smoke, chew, or brush your teeth for 60 minutes beforehand.
    • Nasal swab tests will be self-administered as well. How-to videos are on Color's website.
    • Samples will then be sent to a contracted laboratory. Most results will be returned within one day.
    • If you have symptoms, please do not come to the testing site. Students should call Cowell Center instead at 408-554-4501. Faculty or staff with symptoms should contact their own health provider
    • If you have tested positive and recovered, please wait at least 90 days after your positive test before coming to the clinic for your next test. (You will likely continue to test positive for the virus for weeks or months after the infection has cleared, even though you are very unlikely to be able to infect others once your isolation period is over.) Please resume testing once 90 days have passed. 

If You've Been Vaccinated: Vaccines and Facilities “Passports”

As more and more campus members (faculty, staff, student workers, contractors) are vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines, there will be a system for registering those who have received vaccines. This will be important in summer and fall.

Please get in the habit of saving all emails indicating that you have been tested; that you have received a negative test result; or that you are no longer required to participate in testing due to having been fully vaccinated for three or more weeks. These along with your student ID will help serve as a “passport” into some locations on campus.

    If you are vaccinated: Please visit the on-campus testing site at the Cowell Health Center, present your original CDC-issued COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to complete your vaccination confirmation. You will receive an email indicating you are exempt from SCU's COVID-19 testing and quarantine protocols three weeks after your final shot.
    As you move throughout campus in the summer term, you may be asked to verify your COVID-19 protocol compliance. If you do not have a Vaccination Passport, you may be asked to provide proof of testing at SCU within the last week. This proof may be in the form of a text message or an email from ShieldT3, SCU's contracted testing lab.

Isolation and Quarantine


Any resident student who tests positive for COVID-19, with or without symptoms, will be required to isolate with no public contact for at least 10 days from symptom onset and 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medicine. The resident student will be moved to university isolation space at St. Clare Hall. The student’s suitemate(s) must be tested for COVID-19 and are required to quarantine per the close contact guideline below.

Any SCU resident student who has had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must be tested and will be required to quarantine for 10 days and monitor symptoms through day 14. Students in suite-style residence halls will quarantine in place. The student’s suitemate(s) may be required to be tested for COVID-19 and may also be required to quarantine.

Off-campus students suspected of having COVID-19 will be required to quarantine until their test results come in, and to follow protocols for staying isolated in the event the test is positive. It is important for students moving to nearby off-campus housing to have a plan for quarantine or self-isolation away from roommates, should that become necessary. On-campus quarantine/isolation space will be reserved for on-campus-resident students. 

Faculty and Staff

If faculty or staff test positive for COVID-19, they must remain home and self-isolate; employees must notify their supervisor and HR ( All campus members must immediately report a positive test —regardless of whether they have symptoms or if they have been on campus recently or not. Report your situation to 408-554-5100. 

Positive? Call 5100

Faculty, staff, or students who experience a positive test—with or without symptoms— are asked to report the results to 408-554-5100 if the test was not done on campus. This line is staffed 24/7. The information collected confidentially will be used to inform campus departments handling SCU’s COVID-19 response. Those who will be informed as needed are: 

  • SCU’s Case Investigation and Contact Tracing (CICT) Team
  • Human Resources
  • Cowell Health Center
  • University Operations (for cleaning, closure, etc.)
  • Required County Tracking
  • University Marketing and Communications for website updates and (anonymized) alerts to campus.

Your Role in Preventing COVID-19 Outbreaks

Whether you come to campus or not, training on Santa Clara’s health and safety procedures will be mandatory for all campus members. The following safety protocols are meant to protect our students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. Please note that SCU reserves the right to maintain more restrictive provisions than Santa Clara County.

  • Daily Symptom Check. All faculty, staff, and students coming onto the campus regardless of whether they are living on or off campus, are required to track daily symptoms prior to coming to campus (tracker is also available on the SCU Mobile App). 

  • Prevention Behavior. Students will also be expected to:

    • Participate in SCU’s COVID-19 testing program if you are unvaccinated;
    • Participate in SCU’s COVID-19 contact tracing program;

    • Wear face coverings at all times on campus—indoors. 

    • Practice social distancing (6-feet minimum) at all times—indoors and outdoors;

    • Refrain from entering other residence halls, hosting any guests, or using common spaces while living on-campus

  • Report Positive Cases. Any student who tests positive —with or without symptoms, no matter where they live— is asked to report their situation to 408-554-5100 if the test was not done on the SCU campus. The information collected confidentially will be used to inform campus departments handling SCU’s COVID-19 response, including the SCU Tracking Team; Human Resources; Cowell Health Center; University Operations (for cleaning, closure, etc.); required county authorities; and University Marketing and Communications for website updates.

  • Consequences for Violations. Failing to comply with our collective commitment to safety efforts during this pandemic is a serious violation of the Student Conduct Code. Students cited for failing to abide by campus, county, or state health and safety protocols are subject to the full range of disciplinary actions including fines, restricted access to campus facilities, disciplinary probation, deferred suspension, suspension, and expulsion. The Student Conduct Code and its full range of disciplinary actions applies to all students whether on or off campus. SCU reserves the right to maintain more restrictive provisions than Santa Clara County.