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Meet Our CAPS Staff

Our distinguished, state-certified counselors and psychologists work closely with students to help them prioritize and understand their mental well-being. CAPS staff helps students work through difficult issues, emotions and life events through a variety of programs, services and resources, offering a support network that addresses students’ unique needs and experiences.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Staff
Grace Asiano, M.S.

Advanced Practicum Trainee

Miri Choi, Psy.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

Emily Fox, M.S.

Advanced Practicum Trainee

Julie Huynh, MA

Predoctoral Psychology Intern

Jessica Kas-Osoka

Case Manager

Kate Petersen, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Estrella Ramirez, Ph.D.

Training Director and Staff Psychologist

Sr. Joseph Rizzo, M.A.

Practicum Trainee

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Staff Psychologist

Joseph Wailing, M.S.

Psychology Trainee