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Mission, Vision and Core Values

The Cowell Center seeks to participate in and support the vision of the university and to make student learning its central focus. In so doing the center has a strong commitment to providing quality care to students at Santa Clara University. Our focus is to help students maintain an optimum level of physical and mental health and to guide them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Vision 

"Reaching the world one student at a time utilizing innovative services to promote physical and emotional well being"

Our Mission

"The Cowell Center is the comprehensive health care provider for the Santa Clara University student community. We are committed to caring for the whole person by providing professional medical and psychological services through compassionate treatment and education"

Our Core Values

Collaboration: Strive to collaborate within the Cowell Center and within the healthcare community.

Communication: An intentional process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create a shared understanding while taking personal responsibility to openly share and receive information in a respectful manner.

Diversity: The respect, appreciation and acceptance of various dimensions of human difference in all its manifestations as we provide services in a manner that honors each individual as a unique human being.

Empowerment: Increase individual knowledge and influence behavior in a manner that will enhance good health and self-care while reducing disease.

Excellence: Strive to provide the highest quality of care through our medical and psychological services.

Integrity: Provide our services honestly and with an adherence to moral and ethical principles.

Quality: Care that is consistent with the community standards in health and counseling services on University campuses.

Respect: Interactions with co-workers, students, staff and faculty will demonstrate an acceptance and value of each person's worth and excellence.

Teamwork: Sharing the workload and offering needed assistance without being asked.  Maintaining a flexible and positive approach when working as a multidisciplinary team.

Trust: Being able to confidently rely on the truthfulness, integrity and ability of others.