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Couples Counseling

Like individual therapy at CAPS, brief couples therapy can address various concerns. Couples therapy can address common concerns, such as issues with communication, trust, finances, responsibilities, boundaries, and conflict.

This process typically begins with an initial "intake" appointment, which is scheduled by
calling or coming by CAPS during business hours.

  • The appointment begins with the couple completing computerized assessment
    paperwork to help us better understand their background, history, and reason for
    seeking help.
  • The couple and therapist will then talk about the couples concerns to determine
    what next steps would be best for the student; these may involve additional
    therapy appointments at CAPS, or referral to resources on- or off-campus.
  • The therapist may recommend that one or both partners engage in individual
    therapy in addition to or instead of couples’ therapy.
  • Therapy typically involves talking about concerns to build the student's insights
    and provide new perspectives, teaching coping and wellness skills, providing
    information about mental health and treatment options, and helping the student
    set and work toward goals for change.
  • As with individual therapy at CAPS, the number of couples’ therapy sessions per
    academic year is limited, and meetings are often spread out every 2 weeks or longer.