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Stress And Relaxation Interactive Program

As many college and graduate students are aware, juggling responsibilities of school, jobs, exams, friends, family and life in general can cause stress. While each person reacts differently to stress, possible signs and symptoms can include headache, trouble sleeping, feeling anxious or tense, increased moodiness, difficulty concentrating, depression, increased or decreased appetite.

So what can I do to alleviate some of the stress in my life?

CAPS has designed an Interactive Program to help you manage stress! We all have stress – sometimes it’s helpful, but sometimes it gets in the way.

Stress and Relaxation Interactive Program

The exercises and information within this Program are designed to help you: 

This Interactive Program has three levels that will help you master your stress. It is best to complete these levels in order, since they progress from a basic understanding of stress to a more complex breakdown of how stress affects your daily life and broader goals.


Level One

The Basics: Stress & Self Care

This level teaches you what stress is and how it impacts your life.

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Level Two

Daily Management: Relaxation Exercises & Thought Records

This level teaches you how to cope with stress on a day to day basis.

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Level Three

The Bigger Picture: Personal Values & Discovering Your Good Life

This level teaches you how stress affects your larger values and life goals.

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It’s helpful to learn about stress and how to manage it. Why? Because increasing awareness is the first step in making a change for the better! This Interactive Program will help you figure out if stress is helping or hurting you, and what to do about it if it’s a problem.


This program was designed in 2013 by Santa Clara University Counseling & Psychological Services. To use any material from this site, you must seek permission from the Cowell Center Director.