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Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Care

If you are seeking psychiatric care, please contact the Cowell Center at 408-554-4501 and ask for the Case Manager who will help you to find a psychiatrist within the community.  

CAPS has a psychiatrist who collaborates with counselors to provide mental health services. After an initial evaluation, the psychiatrist may prescribe medication, refer you to a therapist (in CAPS or the community) or partner with a therapist (in CAPS or the community) for your continued care.

Access to psychiatric services is by referral only from a counselor in CAPS. Determining the need for psychotropic medication and/or ongoing medication management from a primary care practitioner is by referral only from a counselor or the psychiatrist in CAPS.

If you are unsure if you are interested in the psychiatric care and/or counseling, please feel free to call the Center and request to schedule a phone consult to discuss your needs with a counselor. Students must have a consultation or a phone assessment with a counselor prior to making any appointments with the psychiatrist.