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CAPS CARES Crisis Services


If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency, please call 911.


Students experiencing a psychological emergency—such as thoughts of suicide, hallucinations or being the victim of a sexual assault—may request a crisis appointment at any time by calling (408) 554-4501 and asking to speak with a crisis counselor. This is similar to going to the ER for a medical emergency. Students in crisis are seen the same day, typically within the hour. 

Weekday crisis hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m-3 pm.

If you are concerned about a student who may be in crisis, you can consult with CAPS at any time or direct the student to the Cowell Center. If you are a faculty or staff member or student who wants to refer someone, please consider calling us to explain the situation so that we can assist them as best as possible. During a crisis appointment, which lasts about 30 minutes, a CAPS therapist will assess the circumstances and collaboratively make a plan for the student to get help, which often involves seeking services outside of Santa Clara.

You may also fill out an SCU CARE to report outlining your concerns for the student. In this case, the Office of Student Life would follow up with them.

CAPS CARES 24/7/365 Crisis Support Line: 833-434-1217

The CAPS CARES is a comprehensive service that allows students to get in touch with a counselor when CAPS is closed. CAPS CARES provides students across the U.S. with access to licensed clinicians who can provide in-the-moment support and guidance with next steps, regardless of time of day or location.

Additional Mental Health Services available through CAPS CARES:

  • NEW! Access to Headspace, the leading meditation and mindfulness app. Learn to stress less, sleep better and improve focus and relationships.
  • Personal Student Navigators to assist with referral coordination and support.
  • A Self-directed iCBT program designed exclusively for students.
  • “The Wellness Hub” which includes an App and an online wellness magazine with educational content, self-help tools, and resource links.

A person typically experiences a crisis when they’ve exhausted all or most of their coping skills, self-esteem, social support and power after facing a particular experience or situation. Examples of a personal crisis may include:

  • Being in immediate danger
  • Making suicidal or homicidal threats
  • Experiencing a loss, i.e. a recent death
  • Witnessing a traumatic event
  • Being a victim of a crime
  • Experiencing hallucinations
  • Sexual assault
  • A racing heart rate, difficulty breathing and intense feeling of impending doom

Frequently Asked Questions about CAPS CARES: AfterHours 

International Services

Are CAPS CARES Services available while I am studying abroad or living overseas?

Yes!  When studying abroad or living overseas, you have access to:

  • 24/7 Support Line: +44 20 8987 6588 for in-the-moment support or referrals to counseling services
  • 5 free Counseling Visits per issue per year
  • iConnectYou app instantly connects you with professionals for in-the-moment support or help finding resources.
  • Wellness Hub: an online library of articles, resources, and pertinent travel information.
  • ICBT/CCBT program

What types of things can the 24/7/365 support line help me with?

  • The 24/7 line offers immediate support, regardless of your location, to help you manage your concerns. Common reasons that students call include:
    • Feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress
    • Relationship problems or worries
    • Grief and loss
    • Help with coping skills
    • Support between therapy sessions or while waiting to see a therapist
  • The 24/7 support line is also available to connect you to no cost therapy through a teletherapy or face-to-face therapy provider for up to 5 visits per issue per year.  
  • The clinician will ask you some questions to get a sense of your concerns and what you are looking for (immediate support, a connection to counseling or both)

What can I expect when calling the 24/7 Support Line?

  • Calls are answered by master’s level counselors (or the local equivalent).
  • All clinical calls begin with an assessment, which determines the appropriate intervention.
  • The assessment covers the presenting issue, support systems, coping strategies, background information, and a risk assessment. The outcome is a focused plan including goals you have agreed to.

What kind of Counseling is offered through CAPS CARES International Services?

  • After the assessment, you will be offered 2 options for therapy services: 1) teletherapy and 2) face-to- face
  • Therapy concentrates on helping you identify the skills, strengths, and resources that are already present and moving you towards a solution.

When can I expect to be connected to a Counselor? 

  • For routine counseling needs, you are provided with the selected provider’s contact information within two business days of your initial contact with the program.
  • The counselor will have availability for the first session within five days of the initial assessment.

Will I be connected to a Counselor quicker if I am dealing with an emergent situation?

  • Yes, in the case of an emergency counseling need, the clinician will deliver immediate telephonic intervention with risk assessment, as well as connection to a referral resource (e.g., emergency services) where appropriate.
  • For urgent counseling needs, a referral will be provided within six business hours to a face-toface counselor available for an appointment within 24 to 48 hours of the initial assessment.

Even though I am abroad does CAPS CARES International Services offer a local presence? 

  • You will receive support through a network of over 83,000 providers in 200 countries providing culturally appropriate counseling in local language
  • State-of-the-art international call centers are located in the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Portugal, France, Belgium, the UAE, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, and Singapore.

How can I access the program if I don’t want to call?

In addition to accessing the program by phone, you also have the option of using: 

  • Instant messaging via the website
  • Go to:
  • Enter the Student Code: Santa Clara University
  • Once connected to the website, students can click on LiveConnect to chat with a counselor.
  • Contact a Counselor – send an email directly via the website
  • Go to:
  • Enter the Student Code: Santa Clara University
  • Once connected students can click on “contact a counselor” to send an email.
  • iConnectYou app (with options for phone, video, instant messaging, and SMS text)
  • iConnectYou Smart phone app code: 210989

What does the iConnectYou application offer me? 

  • iConnectYou is an innovative app that allows you to engage via phone, video, instant messaging, or SMS text.
  • The app not only allows you to initiate contact with the program but can also be used to deliver structured telephone or video counseling. Informational resources are also available.
  • iConnectYou is available in any country that has a Google Play or App Store which provides apps for smartphones.
  • You will be provided with the Santa Clara University access code 210989 to access the app’s full features. Upon registering, you can select from the following languages for the app interface: English (US and UK versions), French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, German, and Polish.
  • Support is available via the app 24/7. Call, instant messaging, and text are available in all app languages, while video access is staffed in English.