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Outreach & Suicide Prevention Services

Outreach Services

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    SCU Bootcamp: MY SELF CARE

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    • Peer (emotional) support group

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General Information:

The goal of the Cowell Center's Outreach and Suicide Prevention Services is to demystify counseling, educate the campus on mental and physical well-being issues, and to help others know about our comprehensive services.  We utilize a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to assist students who may not traditionally utilize our counseling services.  For this reason, Outreach actively strives to collaborate with the Santa Clara University community to create virtual outreach events and notes that any campus staff can request an outreach service or workshop. As a center, we consider Outreach to be an important part of the activities performed by our staff as it is a way of extending care, wisdom, and counseling services to the broader community.

Outreach Services:

  • Workshops, training, discussions, panels, groups, and lectures focused on students' social, personal, and academic effectiveness.
  • Consultation with faculty, staff, parents, or students concerned about a student
  • Advice on how to refer a student to counseling
  • A concern (e.g., self-care) or conflict in your organization
  • A workshop or training on a specific topic
  • A distressing event or situation that could require debriefing

Outreach Mission

To promote a culture of health and well-being where positive engagement and agency are norms; where cutting-edge, audacious programming melds with transparency and strong community partnerships; where the mining of community, strategic planning, leadership, and engagement are common, promoted practices.


Outreach adheres to the same standards of confidentiality as personal counseling appointments.  For more information on the Cowell Center confidentiality policy, refer here.

At the Cowell Center, we embrace diversity and the unique needs of students.  We offer customized training to our department, faculty, and student organization partners. Find out more here.

To provide a comprehensive model of care, the Cowell Center implements support and peer programs so that we may reach as many members of our SCU community as possible.  Find out more here.

Cowell Center Speaks

Sharing the importance of Black History Month and supporting BIPOC students

Virtual Tea Chat

Ready...Set...Let's chat about goal setting, the latest in study techniques based on neuroscience, and more.