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Communicate more effectively, develop a strong sense of purpose and help cope with stress through the Scout app. There are a variety of lessons and tools that are clinically backed along with evidence-based activities to improve overall mental well-being. Learn to bounce back when life throws obstacles your way. What researchers have found is that by taking one or two minutes a day to check in on yourself consistently, you will gain a  better understanding of how you’re doing internally. A couple minutes a day can make a big difference! With Scout, you can build your resilience, learn to understand and deal with difficult emotions and better cope with everyday challenges.

Weekly education – Scout guides you on a journey with easy to follow lessons and tools for growth.
Feelings tracker – Express yourself to receive helpful and personalized content that is tailored to you by drawing, writing or voice recording.
Trends and insights – Learn more about yourself and your feelings over time.
Tips, tools and activities - Build new skills and strengthen mental resilience.
Badges and streaks - Earn badges for everything you learn and the times when you share your feelings. Build streaks and set personal records for expressing yourself.
Support resources - Find resources to get the help you need, when you need it.


Access is FREE for all SCU students - use code: SCUSCOUT

  • Go to
  • Create an account using your SCU student ID number (do not include zeros at the start of number).
  • Download the app on your phone and use it anytime, anywhere.

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