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The SHS is located between the Malley Fitness and Recreation Center and the tennis courts on the east side of campus. We are open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and closed on weekends and all University holidays.

Students can call 408-554-4501 to schedule an appointment or stop by the Cowell Center Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

The SHS offers a Nurse Advice line that becomes available after the SHS closes.  The Nurse Advice line may be reached at 408-554-4880.  The Nurse Advice line may also be accessed through the Cowell Center’s phone number at 408-554-4501 after the Center has closed. 

There are student Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) on campus that respond to urgent calls in the evening from 5:00pm-8:00am. If you are in need of an EMT, please call Campus Safety at 408-554-4441 or 408-554-4444 in case of an emergency. If necessary, an emergency transport to one of the local hospitals can be arranged.

We generally have three medical providers daily available to see students. This includes a full time physician, a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner. All are able to write prescriptions.

We provide a wide scope of services including primary care, urgent care, minor procedures, physical exams, immunizations, gynecology services, and ongoing mental health medications.

Go to Cowell Center’s webpage.  Click on “Forms” on left, carefully read the directions, download and complete the appropriate Consent for Release Form.  Submit form to the Cowell Center. 

No. We refer students to specialists when appropriate and we can assist with these referrals. We have relationships with a number of specialists in the community who will see our students very promptly and urgently, depending on the issue. If a student has specific specialists he/she would like to see, we can assist with those arrangements as well.

We have a limited pharmacy on-site and carry a variety of antibiotics, allergy medications, anti-inflammatories, dermatologic creams, and gastrointestinal medications. We also carry a number of common over the counter medications such as tylenol, advil, mucinex-D, throat lozenges, etc.

For your convenience, Savco Pharmacy has made arrangements with SCU to deliver other prescription medications to the SHS for students.  This delivery is FREE for any student who sets up an account with Savco Pharmacy.  Please call Savco at 408-298-6190 to set up an account. There is also a CVS and Walgreens about 1.5 miles from the campus.  The Safeway adjacent to campus does NOT have a pharmacy.  There is a Target and a Costco in the area but they are not easily bike-able or walkable. 

We do routine immunizations, TB testing, some travel vaccines and some ongoing treatment injections ordered by the students’ regular physicians. We do not currently do ongoing allergy desensitization shots at the SHS but we do have a local allergist who provides those services.

Although the SHS requests that you provide us with an immunization history, we do not have any “required” immunizations, only “recommended”. We do, however, strongly encourage all students to have up-to-date immunizations including meningococcal, tetanus, varicella, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, polio, and measles/mumps/rubella.

Cowell services are strictly confidential as required by state and federal law. California state law and the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 protect the confidentiality of communication between health professionals and their patients. This is different from Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA).

No information can be released without the student’s written consent except as required by law. If a parent wishes to inquire about his/her student’s physical or mental health, the parent must first ask the student to give the SHS permission to speak with him/her about the issue.

Permission is given on a case by case basis. We do not accept blanket signatures of consent for the year. We also encourage all parents before contacting the SHS to please speak with your student to verify that he/she has given the SHS permission to speak to you about his/her medical condition.

O’Connor Hospital in San Jose is our closest hospital. Good Samaritan is another good hospital in San Jose along with Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is the county hospital and local major trauma center.

No. We mainly utilize two different X-ray providers in the community: Valley Radiology in San Jose and Santa Clara Imaging in Santa Clara.

Students often enlist their friends to drive them to appointments, but for urgent but not emergency transport, we have a taxi service that will be billed to the students’ bursar’s account. The cab cost is generally about $17 each way, including tip. However, we recommend that parents register students without transportation to the Zip Car program on campus so that if transportation is needed, they can utilize it. Please visit their website to register.