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The Bucky Awards

 20-21 Senior Spotlights

The Bucky Awards is an annual recognition ceremony to honor the achievements of student organizations and individual student leaders.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, we are focusing on senior spotlights. It is our honor to highlight all the hard work and dedication to our amazing seniors.

Senior Spotlights

Please take the time to fill out this google form to highlight your RSO seniors!

Senior Spotlight Schedule

Monday: Schedule Preview and Welcome to this Week's Virtual Bucky Awards

Tuesday: Highlighting Cultural & Faith-Based RSOs

Wednesday: Highlighting Recreational, Performance Arts, Club Sports & Special Interest RSOs

Thursday: Highlighting Business, Academic & Professional & Engineering RSOs

Friday: Highlighting Social Justice & Service RSOs

Previous Bucky Awards

Center for Student Involvement Awards

Recognizes one of the 9 chartered student organizations (CSOs) for outstanding work at Santa Clara.


  • 2019: Santa Clara Review
  • 2018: Multicultural Center (MCC)
  • 2017: Multicultural Center (MCC)
  • 2016: Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP)
  • 2015: Multicultural Center (MCC)
  • 2014: Into the Wild

Recognizes one of the over 160 registered student organizations (RSOs) for excellent work at Santa Clara.


  • 2019: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
  • 2018: MEChA-El Frente
  • 2017: Together for Ladies of Color (TLC)
  • 2016: Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
  • 2015: Creating Progress at Home
  • 2014: Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Highlights an exceptional event that was planned and hosted by an undergraduate student organization.


  • 2019: #BroncoPosi Launch Party
  • 2018: Global Village (Multicultural Center)
  • 2017: Walk-Out - Stand in Solidarity with the Undocumented Community at SCU (Undocumented Students & Allies Association)
  • 2016: Un Dia en Latin America (MEChA-El Frente)
  • 2015: Relay for Life (Colleges Against Cancer)
  • 2014: Vagina Monologues

Highlights an outstanding event that was developed and sponsored by two or more undergraduate student organizations.


  • 2019: Immigration Week (MCC & SCCAP)
  • 2018: Blaxploitalian (Cultural Italian American Organization, Office for Multicultural Learning, Department of Modern Languages, Department of Italian Studies, da Vinci RLC)
  • 2017: Rainbow Prom (SCCAP & Rainbow Resource Center)
  • 2016: OUTober's Got Talent (Santa Clara Queer, GASPED & Rainbow Resource Center)
  • 2015: Beyong Guilt: Solidarity Through Action (MCC & SCCAP)
  • 2014: Global Village (MCC)

This award recognizes Santa Clara undergraduate students for unique contributions to campus.


  • 2019: Lavelle Simmons & Ciara Moezidis
  • 2018: Eoin Lyons & Zerreen Kazi
  • 2017: Jason Nguyen, Marisa Pashby & Zipporah Ridley
  • 2016: Blair Libby & Yesenia Veamatahau
  • 2015: Adrielle Williams, Desiree Williams & Claire Muller
  • 2014: Erica Valle & Carlos Martinez

Recognizes an undergraduate transfer student for significant contributions to the Santa Clara community.


  • 2019: Camron Tarassoly
  • 2018: Brooke Watson
  • 2017: George Giannos
  • 2016: Sarabella Muise
  • 2015: Robert Bernal

Recognizes a first year student for significant contributions to the Santa Clara community.


  • 2019: Andre Blair
  • 2018: Mai Sinada
  • 2017: Maria Glorioso
  • 2016: Drew Descourouez
  • 2015: Jack Herstam
  • 2014: Kassamira Carter-Howard
Office for Multicultural Learning Awards

Meaning "keep going" or "move forward" in Hawaiian, this award recognizes a student or student organization that has demonstrated progressive leadership on campus by challenging the status quo, pushing the borders of our comfort zones, and living the values of diversity and inclusion at Santa Clara.


  • 2019: Ciara Moezidis
  • 2018: Undocumented Students & Allies Association (USAA)
  • 2017: Marlene Cerritos-Rivas
  • 2016: Barkada
  • 2015: Igwebuike
  • 2014: Students for a Just Coalition
Office of Residence Life Awards

Awarded to the Leadership Council that demonstrated great leadership and went above and beyond for their community.


  • 2019: Alpha RLC
  • 2018: Unity RLC
  • 2017: CyPhi RLC
  • 2016: Communitas RLC
  • 2015: Unity RLC
Wellness Center Awards

Bronco Health Award: Peer Health


  • 2019: Kayla Tewahade & Nina Molanphy
  • 2018: Iaisha Sadat, Marvah Gorlorwulu & Victoria Juarez

Bronco Health Award: Violence Prevention


  • 2019: Sophie Corbett & Ava Bean
  • 2018: Sean Scanlon & Anjali Rangaswami


Email if you have questions about the nomination process or ceremony.

For More Information

Contact: Lori Salazar