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Constitution & Bylaws

As a whole, ASG holds itself to the standards laid out in its Constitution, Bylaws, and Appendices -- all of which can be found in the following document:

This document is kept up to date with any changes passed by the ASG Student Senate.


The ASG Constitution includes the purpose of ASG -- in the form of a preamble -- and the general organization of each of ASG’s branches. The Constitution follows a similar format to the U.S. Constitution. The process for making amendments to the Constitution can be found under Article IX. Amendment.

Click here to view the ASG Constitution.


The ASG Bylaws go into further detail as to the roles and responsibilities of each branch of ASG, followed by information on registered student organizations (RSOs) -- including how they are funded -- after which there are bylaws describing the abilities of ASG (referendums or awards), procedural requirements (elections, oaths of office, or resignation), and anything else that will affect the entirety of the organization.

Click here to view the ASG Bylaws.


The Appendices includes ASG Standards, Election Code and material, templates, and position descriptions used in the ASG hiring process. This is where you will find the most specific information.

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Student Court

Decision documents by the ASG Student Court (Judicial Branch):

How To

Here are some helpful guides for common project components. Taking a look at these guides is a great place to start if you would like to begin a project involving any of the following: