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How to Use the Calendar

Here is a short YouTube video to watch about how to use the Get Connected Event Calendar OR read below for the information:  

The best way to use the Get Connected Event Calendar is to add it to your calendars. To add it you must be logged into your Gmail suite & then when you can see the Get Connected Event Calendar select the + sign in the lower right. 

With the calendar in your calendars in google - when you have it selected - you will then be able to search it with the magnifying glass in the upper right- you can search for a department or organization name from the key or a keyword. For example, if you would like to see what events we have that are yoga you could search yoga, or APB for the Activities Programming Board. 

If you do not have the calendar added to your google calendars - you will need to know the event date and time to find what you are looking for, or if a passive event/registration/application you will need to scroll through all the all-day events at the top of each date. 

If you are part of a student organization or department and would like to have your event added to the calendar please use this Event Form