Voter Registration

Santa Clara University is engaging its student body to register to vote, gain resources about the variety of ways to vote, learn about the election process, participate in election-related events, and vote on Election Day.


As a participating institution in the ALL-IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Santa Clara University has the following goals for 2018:

  • Provide students with information about how to register to vote in California and all other states.
  • Provide students with resources about the variety of ways to vote including absentee voting, voting in another state, and voting while abroad.
  • Provide students with resources to learn about the election process, candidates, and issues of interest during this election season.
  • Provide students with a campus polling location so they have an accessible place to vote on Election Day.


2018 Midterm Election Online Resources

Voter Registration Information for California

Voter Registration Information for All 50 States (courtesy of

Voting While in College (courtesy of

Voting While Abroad

Preparing to Vote

Important Notes

  • You may not register to vote in two places (i.e. counties or states) during the same election cycle.

Absentee Ballot Box

To submit an absentee ballot if voting in California, the closest ballot box is located at the Santa Clara County Courthouse, 1095 Homestead Road (which is less than 2 blocks east of the Mission Church off of Homestead Road between Washington Street and Monroe Street).

Polling Locations

To vote on Election Day on November 6, the closest polling location to campus is located at Buchser Middle School, 1111 Bellomy Street (which is 2 blocks west of Swig Hall off of Washington Street between Market Street and Bellomy Street). This location is for precincts 4201 and 4208.

If students would like to vote early, there will be 10 Early Voting Centers for Election Day throughout Santa Clara County that will allow voting 10 days prior. Click here to view locations of these Early Voting Centers (scroll down to the middle of the webpage).


Pizza & Politics
October 16, 6:00-7:00pm
@ Dunne Hall (Modern Perspectives RLC), Basement Lounge

Dr. Matthew Harrigan - National Perspectives
Dr. Matt Lesenyie - State and Local Contests
Dr. Dennis Gordon - Moderator

Along with discussing major races and ballot initiatives, the speakers will explore the mechanics of voter registration, the importance of voter turnout in midterm elections, and how to navigate the complex California ballot.

The Philosophy of Voting: "To Vote is to Exist"
November 5, 7:00-8:00pm
@ Benson Memorial Center, Williman Room
Hot cocoa will be served!

Election Day Viewing Party #1
November 6, 3:30-9:00pm
@ Learning Common, Lower Level
Light snacks and refreshments provided!

Election Day Viewing Party #2
November 6, 3:30-9:00pm
@ Benson Memorial Center, Dining Area
Enter raffle for prizes!

For More Information

Contact: Tedd Vanadilok