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Funding Allocations

Allocations to CSOs

Each spring chartered student organizations (CSOs) submit a budget proposal to the advisors for review and feedback before final review and approval by the Vice Provost for Student Life. Allocations are for the following academic year and include an operating budget and student staff budget.

Allocations to RSOs

The fund allocation process for registered student organizations (RSOs) is through the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) of the Associated Student Government (ASG) with consultation from the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). For full instructions, please see the email sent by:

Payment & Reimbursement Process

For chartered student organizations (CSOs):

  • Submit an invoice or purchase order for the expense as well as a Payment Request Form directly to Arcelia Rodriguez at the Locatelli Student Activity Center.

For registered student organizations (RSOs):

  • Any payments and reimbursements less than or equal to $200 must be physically turned in with a completed Expense Request Form and receipts to the RSO Form Bin at the front desk of the Locatelli Student Activity Center, 2nd Floor.
  • Any payments and reimbursements less than or equal to $200 will be paid out in cash.
  • Any payments and reimbursements more than $200 must be turned in via email with receipts to the ASG Financial Vice President (Jocelyn Hsiung) at
  • Any payments and reimbursements more than $200 will be paid out via a university check or direct deposit.


For More Information

Contact: Tedd Vanadilok