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Purpose of Fundraising

Chartered student organizations (CSOs) and registered student organizations (RSOs) are encouraged to engage in fundraising activities to increase the revenue in their respective fund accounts that may be used to pay for expenses.

Fundraising Strategies & Options

The following are some common fundraisers that student organizations engage in:

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of common fundraising activities.

  • T-shirt sales
  • Bake sales (home-made goods only)
  • Membership dues
  • Ticket sales
  • Raffles
  • Santa Clara Fund (see below for more information)

There are various fundraising options for student organizations to earn money through the Santa Clara Fund including:

  • Writing thank-you letters to donors.
  • Creating a video about how your student organization will benefit from the Santa Clara Fund.
  • Proposing your own idea.

Santa Clara Fund Information (PDF)

As a member of the Santa Clara community, you are encouraged to solicit gifts to the University in support of student programs, activities, and scholarship resources. To ensure your success and that of future student and faculty fundraisers, please adhere to the following fundraising and sponsorship procedures outlined in this guide:

Student & Faculty Fundraising Guidelines (PDF)

The procedures described in this guide are designed to:

  • Help you be successful as a fundraiser.
  • Ensure that gift accounting (thanking donors and providing tax receipts) is done in compliance with donor intent, IRS regulations, and University policy.
  • Prevent situations where donors or sponsors are unintentionally or inappropriately solicited (i.e. multiple asks from various student organizations or departments).
  • Make sure that your donors are recognized and feel appreciated.

If your student organization receives gifts or donations from either alumni, individual donors, and/or companies, contact Arcelia Rodriguez about how to properly:

  • Accept these gifts and donations.
  • Thank the alumni, individual donor, or company.
  • Access donated products and money.