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Student Council on Inclusive Excellence

Student Advisory Council



The Inclusive Excellence Student Advisory Council (IESAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Council on Inclusive Excellence. The student group’s role is to communicate to the Council and administration and ensure action regarding the student body’s voice on issues related to diversity, multicultural learning and inclusive excellence by providing a channel of communication from the Council to their respective organizations. The council shall continue the quarterly Diversity & Inclusion Forums open to the SCU community. IESAC shall provide a space for concerned students to meet after bias campus events and advocate on their behalf with university administration.



The Student Advisory Council will be composed of student representatives from SCU graduate and undergraduate organizations that have elected representatives. Its members will be selected by and from the elected representatives in a given academic year. Student Advisory Council members will serve for one year, and they may be reappointed for a second year by their respective organizations.


2018 - 2019 Membership Roster

Name Affiliation
Kayla Williams (Chair) Prior Unity 4 Member
Lander Eicholzer Prior Unity 4 Member
Alejandra Fraume Valencia SCCAP Representative
Obasi Lewis Rainbow Resource Center Representative
Veronica Marquez Prior Unity 4 Member
Eduardo Ruano ASG Representative
Vanessa Shin Prior Unity 4 Member
Shikiko Washington Residence Life/ Justice Starts Here Representative