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  •  ecampus upgrade completed

    Monday, Jul. 11, 2011

    Information Technology completed a major upgrade of ecampus over the 4th of July weekend.

    Following the upgrade, your Favorites/Bookmarks may no longer work.  If so, simply delete the old Favorite/Bookmark and re-bookmark by going to for ecampus or for the Student and Human Resources administrative systems.

    We also recommend you clear browser cache.   Instructions are available here.

  •  Register Today for SCU's Campus Alert Notification System

    Tuesday, May. 17, 2011

    This is an important message to the entire SCU Community - we are asking all of you to register for the SCU Campus Alert notification system.  For those of you already registered, please verify your contact information is current.
    One of the keys in any emergency is timely communication and SCU has a mass alert notification system called SCU Campus Alert.  The SCU Campus Alert system allows us to send time-sensitive notifications to the SCU Community to those that have registered to receive them.  SCU Campus Alert can store multiple telephone numbers and email addresses per participant; and when required, send simultaneous communications to all listed devices, including text messages to your cellular phone.
    SCU Campus Alert is the primary means by which you will be notified in the event of an emergency that affects the campus and surrounding area and we strongly encourage all Faculty, Staff and Students to enroll.  You must be enrolled in SCU Campus Alert to receive an emergency alert.  Please take a few moments to enroll or if you have already enrolled, please verify your contact information is current.  Instructions for doing this are listed below. 
    Instructions for enrolling for SCU Campus Alert:
    Faculty and staff:  To enroll in SCU Campus Alert, login to ecampus and select "HR Self-Service" from "My Menu", then click the "SCU Campus Alert Information" link.

    Students:  To enroll in SCU Campus Alert, login to ecampus and select "Personal Portfolio" from "My Menu", then click the "SCU Campus Alert Information" link.
    Some examples of the types of information you might receive in an emergency...
    Shelter in-place or evacuation order
    Campus closure for any reason
    Avoid a certain area of campus because of an localized emergency
    Many of these situations require rapid response and notification and SCU Campus Alert is the primary method to accomplish this.  Please register today!
    If you have any questions, please contact us. 
    Sean Collins, Director
    Environment, Health and Safety Department
    (408) 554-5078

  •  Admitted students: View your Financial Aid award on ecampus

    Friday, Apr. 1, 2011

    Your financial aid award is now available to review in SCU's ecampus system.

    Your ecampus ID is the “W” number (e.g. W0123456) which was printed on your letter of acceptance from Undergraduate Admissions.

    Your ecampus password was sent through email.   Please feel free to use the handy "Forgot your password?" function, if needed.

    After logging into ecampus, click on the "View/Print Award Letter" link under the "Finances" section of the Admitted Undergrad Students checklist.   You will be able to view, print and accept your financial aid award.

    The SCU Information Technology Service Center is available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, at 408-554-5700 and you may also send an email to     For quicker service, please be sure to provide your name, ID number, email address and a short description of your issue.

  •  Important Information from the Registrar Regarding UpComing Dates for Undergraduate Students

    Thursday, Mar. 17, 2011

    Spring Quarter

    ·       Last Day to Add is Friday April 1, 2011

    ·       Good Friday; Academic Holiday April 22, 2011

    ·       Last Day to Declare P/NP Grading Option is April 25, 2011

    ·       Last Day to Drop a Class Without Receiving a “W” Grade is April 25, 2011

    ·       Last Day to Petition to Graduate for Summer 2011 is April 25, 2011

    ·       Last Day to Drop a Class with a “W” is May 13, 2011

    Summer Session

    ·       Summer School Continuing Student Registration - Seniors-April 11; Juniors-April 12; Sophomores-April 13; Freshmen-April 14

    ·       Summer Course Availability

    ·       Summer Program Information

    Fall Quarter


    ·       May 2 - 13, 2011

    ·       What is it?

    ·       REGISTRATION

    ·       Registration Appointments will be Viewable in eCampus on Monday, April 25, 2011.

    ·       Registration Appointments run from May 16 - May 27, 2011

    ·       Schedule of Classes Available on eCampus or CourseAvail (fall classes viewable on April 25, 2011)

    ·       Frequently Asked Questions and Issues Relating to Registration

    ·       Registration Appointment Information

    ·       Video Guides to Walk You Through Registration, Step-by-Step.

    ·       Search for Classes Using Course Avail (fall classes viewable on April 25, 2011)

    ·       CourseAvail Tip: Use the CourseAvail Watch List to Track Seats Remaining in Classes That You are Targeting




  •  UGRD Winter Registration

    Monday, Oct. 11, 2010
    • UGRD Winter 2011 Schedule of Classes available on CourseAvail and eCampus on October 25th. 
    • Students can view their assigned Winter 2011 registration appointments on October 25th through eCampus. 
    • Winter Registration Period:  M-F, Nov 8-19. 
    • For more information, log on to the Registrar's website at:


  •  ecampus downtime this weekend, October 8

    Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010

    ecampus will be unavailable beginning Friday, October 8 until early Saturday morning for scheduled maintenance.   Any further updates will be posted on the IT Technology Status page.

  •  Printing paychecks - increasing size

    Tuesday, Sep. 7, 2010

    If the font size is printing too small, here is the quick workaround:

    1.   When you click "Print this Page" hyperlink on the View Paycheck  Page, the print box pops up.
    2. Click the Preferences Button
    3. In the Printing Preferences box, click the Reduce/Enlarge Checkbox and change the percentage to 150