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Information, Tips, and Guides for Parents

A parent, spouse, relative, employer, etc. that has been given an "Authorized Payer Profile" by a student can view billing statements and make an online payment on behalf of the student.  The Authorized Payer will view and make payments using the QuikPay™ Web site after a student has created the Authorized Payer profile in ecampus.

How to create an Authorized Payer Profile

Students may create an authorized payer profile:

  • Log into ecampus
  • Select 'Bursar office' then 'view bill & make payment' from the menu option on the left

This will send the student to the QuikPay™ Web site. From here, the student will be instructed on how to set up an authorized payer.

Once the student provides an authorized payer with his/her username and password, the authorized payer may then log in to QuikPay™ and view bills and make payments.

PLEASE NOTE: Authorized payers will only be able to view payments they make on a students behalf, not any other payments that may be posted to the account.

If you are an authorized payer, log in to the  QuikPay™ Web site to view or make payments.


Authorized Payers can view and make payments on the behalf of an SCU student using QuikPAYTM.

Login to QuikPAY

Viewing PDF Files

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents.

The Adobe Reader application is available from the Adobe Web site.