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Ellen Jahanian (Potts)

Ellen HS Oval Portrait
Ellen Jahanian (Potts)

Director of External Relations

Prior to joining SCU, Ellen Jahanian worked as a researcher and fundraiser for Population Connection, a human rights and environmental nonprofit that focused on global access to reproductive healthcare and education. She has also worked for other socially-conscious organizations, including World Maker Faire's sustainability team and Global Inheritance to coordinate events and expand, as well as lead, the volunteer base. 
Ellen is the cofounder of Prism Fund, that supports Eco-Psychology education, and a member of the Advisory Board of the BelleJAR Foundation that focuses on, "US K-12 education, seeking unique and innovative approaches to close the achievement gap by improving educational outcomes for underserved students in rural and urban communities". Her personal mission is to increase equity in education, as well as support and understanding for immigrant and minority groups, in order to make room for a healthier planet. This mission is directly aligned with her work at SCU as Director of External Relations for the School of Education and Counseling Psychology. 
Mrs. Jahanian received her BS from UC San Diego in Marine Biology with a Psychology minor. 
Guadalupe Hall Room 218