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Patricia Moretti, Ed.D.

Patricia Moretti, Ed.D.

Senior Lecturer, Counseling Psychology


Pat Moretti is a second generation native to the Bay Area attending San Jose State as an undergraduate, Santa Clara University for her master's in Counseling Psychology and completing a doctorate in Organization Psychology from the University of San Francisco.

Moretti has worked in the nonprofit sector for several years, primarily as a clinician treating children, adults and families. She has served as a consultant to the YWCA Parent Education Program, and the Indian Health Service training Hopi and Navajo therapists in establishing the first parenting classes on the reservations.

Moretti has devoted the last five years providing child development education and training to psychologists, pediatricians, and caregivers in orphanages throughout Mexico, and Ukraine. Her interests in bringing students into these settings as advocates and co-trainer's still remains strong today.

Pat served as the coordinator of practicum for over twenty years, and in 2012 became a full-time faculty member teaching courses in Human Development, Interpersonal Communication and Spirituality.


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