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Anita B. Sunseri, Ed.D.

Anita Sunseri HS 2017
Anita B. Sunseri

Co-Coordinator of Field Experience/Multiple Subjects, Education


Anita Sunseri works in the Education Department and is the Co-Coordinator of Field Experience, Multiple Subject, at Santa Clara University. She has earned three Masters’ Degrees. One Master’s Degree was in Social Science at San Jose State University. Two Masters’ Degrees were in Education in Reading and Educational Administration at Santa Clara University. She earned her doctorate from San Francisco State University. She recently co-wrote an article with Dr. Jamal Cooks, “Leveling the Playing Field: The Efficacy of Thinking Maps on English Language Learners” (2013-2014) The CATESOL Journal.

408 482-9735
Guadalupe Hall Room number: 248