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Alisha Cassarino-Skeeters
M.A., Counseling Psychology, emphasis in Correctional Psychology

Alisha Cassarino-Skeeters knew she wanted to work with at-risk youth. Santa Clara University's School of Education and Counseling Psychology is one of a few graduate schools that offers course-work directly tied to working with at-risk populations, so "SCU seemed like the perfect fit for me due the correctional emphasis and quality of the school," Cassarino-Skeeters said.

What she didn't realize was how much she would learn about herself in the process. "Not only are the classes interesting and intellectually challenging, but the faculty are full of passion and desire to allow students to understand themselves while also providing students the tools to help the people they are going to be working with. This program helps you find your potential in areas you never knew you were passionate about. This is due to ECP's engaged faculty, including Bob Michels, head of the Correctional Psychology program.

"We get to travel and talk to people in San Quentin Prison, Chowchilla Women's Prison, California Youth Authority, juvenile hall, Boy's Ranch, and many other field experiences. When I say we get to talk to people, I mean the inmates and people who are locked up, which has made for the most amazing experiences. Along with everything else this program provides, I think having this emphasis has made my experience at SCU extremely fulfilling. Bob is full of knowledge and he is not afraid to lend you a hand in networking and meeting people who can help you along the way to finding your area of interest in this great, vast, and awesome field of Psychology."