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ECP Scholarship Awardees

Daniel Butler

Kenneth Blaker Awardee


MA in Counseling Psychology, MFT track

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how has it enriched your studies in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University?

I submitted an honest application and it was awarded. I shared my interests in humanistic, psychoanalytic and LGBTQ studies, and this was recognized, appreciated, valued. The gesture of awarding me a scholarship reflects some of the values of the program, reminding me that I am in a good place.

What are your future career goals after you receive you graduate?

I want to practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and to pursue interdisciplinary research. Upon completing a post-masters internship, I plan to apply to doctoral programs in anthropology (and some in clinical or counseling psychology). I am particularly interested in conducting clinical/person-centered ethnographies of community mental health cultures (viz. community clinics, recovery fellowships, inner city missions)

What advice would you give to those considering applying to this scholarship?

It's great to have unorthodox interests or experience, but remember your audience. If you don't get it, apply again. Don't give up.