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ECP Scholarship Awardees

Rev. Michael Carson

Jim & Pauline Mahon Endowed Scholarship for Education Administration Students awardee

M.A in Educational Administration Restorative Justice Emphasis

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how has it enriched your studies in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University?

The scholarship means the ability to focus on my studies. The scholarship allows me to fully concentrate on matching aspects of what I learned to my present profession and ministry. I have already used what I have learned to effectively work with the inmate population of Santa Clara County incarceration facilities, especially the incarcerated Juvenile Offenders.

The scholarship enriches the bridge between education and restorative justice. In my profession I am already working out ways to use restorative justice tools and techniques to further my goals of teaching problem solving and compassion to the inmate population of Santa Clara County.

What are your future career goals after you receive your graduate degree?

After receiving my graduate degree, I plan to continue my role as Catholic Chaplain of the County Correctional Facilities. I also plan to be an advisor to the Catholic School System in the Diocese of San Jose especially teaching and maintaining restorative justice systems of discipline and motivation.

What advice would you give to those considering applying to this scholarship?

The educational system needs highly trained and compassionate leaders. Teaching is an art, but so is educational leadership. There are very few professions that have such a profound impact on future generations. What you do in learning how to be a leader in education surpasses all other aspects of your life because of your great impact on shaping the centuries to come.