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ECP Scholarship Awardees

Lloyd Robinson

Edwin Brown, Anita Goble and ECP Future Teacher scholarship awardee

Master of Arts in Teaching with Teaching Credential

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how has it enriched your studies in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University?

As a first generation college student it has been a challenge to navigate my way through school. From the application process, to choosing appropriate classes, to funding my education I have been met with obstacles at every step. Despite good grades and my determination to succeed, I soon realized that I would not be able continue my academic career unless I received additional funding to help cover the cost of tuition. Receiving the Edwin Brown, Anita Goble, and Future Teacher scholarships means that someone believes in me. Someone recognizes my struggle, believes in my ability to be a great educator, and has taken a chance to invest in me. Without the kindness and support of generous donors I would not be a proud Santa Clara University student. I would not have the opportunity to be mentored by veteran teachers or to be part of a caring and passionate cohort. I would have missed out on a life changing experience that has done nothing but increase my desire to be a professional educator. Rather than working to earn extra money to pay for school, the scholarships have provided me with the flexibility to focus my free time on completing class assignments, working on research, performing student observations, collaborating with peers, and studying. To me these scholarships mean the difference between a dream come true and an unfulfilled wish.

What are your future career goals after you graduate?

After graduation I plan on working as a math teacher in a public school. Although I am originally from San Diego, I want to stay in the Bay Area and would love to work in or near Santa Clara. I am interested in working for a diverse school that primarily serves students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Ultimately, I want my professional teaching career to guide my later work as the principal of a school. Because of my experiences as a student teacher, I have a strong understanding of the challenges educators face and I recognize the vital role that principals play in shaping the teachers overall experience. As a principal it is important to not only keep the lines of communication with faculty and staff open, it is necessary to be empathetic to their needs. I have worked at schools with poor leadership and at schools with great leadership. The difference is sobering. After graduation, I plan on becoming a great leader. Whether in the classroom with my students or in the office with policy documents, I plan on working in a school to motivate and improve the lives of students.

What advice would you give to those considering applying to this scholarship?

My advice is to APPLY! Apply yourself to the commitment of your own education. My general philosophy on scholarships is that you should always apply (to the appropriate ones of course). I highly recommend reflecting on what led you to this school, to this professional field, and to this particular program. Why are you here? Those types of questions will actually prompt the answers for the scholarship questions and your essay will practically write itself. Everyone one has a unique story that should be shared. There is something special about you and you deserve to be compensated for it! One piece of advice that I guarantee will significantly increase your chances of successfully receiving a scholarship is to answer the essay question. It is easy to go off on a tangent and much more difficult to stay on topic. If it is necessary, I will break a prompt into sections and answer each section according to exactly what is being asked. Another great piece of advice is to apply to as many appropriate scholarships as possible. And be yourself. Be honest about your situation, and about why you deserve the scholarship. I have found that when I allow myself to be honest, vulnerable, and personal my essays become authentic and I do not have to worry about producing a cookie cutter essay. All in all, scholarships come from people who care about our education. So, apply.