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Layna Harris
M.A., Counseling Psychology

Layna Harris knew from her first visit that she “absolutely needed to attend" the Counseling Psychology graduate program at Santa Clara University. Realizing that she wanted a truly hands on learning experience, she quickly found that the “program is set up to get you actively involved right away in the skills you will need as a future counselor.”

She also found herself quite at home on campus and in the University at large, noting, “SCU embraces all religious and cultural backgrounds. As a Mormon at a Jesuit university, I have felt welcome, supported, and accepted in every way by the faculty, staff, and students.”

Harris is also deeply impressed by her experiences with her professors. “Pat Moretti works with the new students in our program, and she is absolutely fabulous. She deeply respects each person and feels honored to hear their life story. She teaches us to stay true to our own style of helping others, while learning the skills to make us better. She demonstrates the sought-after skill of unconditional acceptance in therapy.”