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Jonathan Montoya

Jonathan Montoya (Alumnus) education: I liked the school of education at SCU because of the small cohort size. I felt comfortable asking my professors for help. I also enjoyed being surrounded by a group of really smart aspiring educators, who both inspired and challenged me. After leaving the program at SCU I felt that I was very well prepared to be an effective educator and leader at my school. I received a Secondary Credential in Biology and Geosciences. I returned 2 years later to work with Dr. Sarah Garcia on my M.A. in Interdisciplinary Education with a STEEM emphasis. I have since presented my research at 2 conferences as well as the Project Based Learning lab at Stanford University.

Currently, I am Department Chair of Construction Technology, one of the leaders of professional development, and a WASC visiting member. I have piloted a brand-new course, which is also my current action research. I am a co-author on a paper with researchers from Stanford’s Center for Intergraded Facility Engineering. Furthermore, I am awaiting a possible acceptance as Co-Principal Investigator for an NSF grant of over $500,000. I truly believe that SCU is the reason I have had so much success.